How to Use Our Services

There are six easy steps on how to use our services, of which it is a very easy, simple and quick procedure! 
At GBCreative Business Solutions we like to do everything professionally, therefore we use technology to our advantage.  This helps us in providing the best service to you, our client.  It is also a benefit for both of us.
When you are ready to start a project or need help in a task, there are six easy steps to follow to complete your project, quickly, efficiently and professionally. 
  1. You have identified a project that you don’t have the time or resources to complete.
  2. You can Contact Us or email your requirements to
  3. We will scope the work and give you a quotation and a Contract Agreement.
    1. For new clients – we will send a quotation and Contract Agreement and await your acceptance.
    2. For established clients – we will await your acceptance of the quotation only.
  4. Upon confirmation of the quote and/or Contract Agreement, you then send us everything we need to complete the project.
  5. We work on your project… you carry on with your core business.
  6. We return your complete project.
All of our work is remotely done, through email, internet (via a secure server, like Dropbox), phone, Skype, post or courier.  Should the need arise, or at your request, we can arrange to meet in person within our local area.  
Visit the page below to find out about the benefits of using us:
So don’t delay, contact us today!