Services Offered

At GBCreative Business Solutions there are many services offered that we can help you with.  
Here are a few of them, listed into categories:
Word Processing and Document Formatting
We can help with all your typing and formatting requirements for any type of document.
  • Typing and editing of documents (letters, reports, manuals, ebooks, etc.)
  • Copy typing (hand written documents)
  • Formatting documents to make sure consistency in branding, content, headers, footers, styles and table of contents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Mail merge / mailing labels
  • Contracts, handbooks and templates
  • Typing of minutes, etc.


Transcription Services
We give correct transcriptions with fast turnaround times.  We accept all audio formats.  You can supply templates or we can tailor them to suit your specific needs.
We give transcription services for:
  • Dictations
  • Interviews
  • Legal
  • Market research groups (focus groups)
  • Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Memoirs
  • Property valuations
  • Media
  • and so much more


Database Design and Management
We can help with the creation and maintenance of your database and/or content management system.
The services include:
  • Alphanumeric data entry input into any database
  • E-newsletter campaigns
  • Design and keep up spreadsheets and databases
  • Presentation of information in different formats – reports, tables, charts and graphs
  • Clean existing spreadsheets and databases
  • Design and keep up mailing list databases


General Administration
We give the following general administration tasks:
  • Email correspondence
  • Scanning, printing and photocopying
  • Report binding
  • Laminating
  • Filing
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • And so much more


Still not sure how it will work, here are some examples of how it can work for you:
Sales and Marketing Administration
Human Resources Administration
General Business Administration
We hope this help you to see what we can help you with.  Contact us for more information and details.